Our first eavesdropping outpost! Aldeburgh Festival have invited Juliet to curate an eavesdropping event this summer as part of their Alternative Festival. This is a lovely way to share what we do with a new audience and give a platform to two eavesdropping alumni.


Sunday 19 June 2022, 4pm (lasts 1 hour)


The Pumphouse, Aldeburgh

link to booking

season four will run 28 March - 2 April 2023


We have now shifted to a festival model, folding together the series and the symposium into a riotous six-day deep-dive into new sounds and new ideas.


Over the course of four evening events (formerly the series), each a double-bill, eight performers present their latest works or works-in-progress in an intimate and informal setting. Within each set, the programming is artist-led: repertoire is only announced on the night, giving the performers the control and the flexibility to present whatever serves them best and giving the public an insight into the performer's current practice. Each season aims to profile a surprising collection of artists working at the experimental fringes of a variety of musical genres.


The festival culminates in a weekend-long symposium. This is an opportunity for local and visiting artists alike to reflect together on a given topic. The programme usually features a variety of papers, presentations, performances and discussions, given by special guests (a less formal way of describing 'keynote speakers') and presenters gathered through a Call for Papers. Don't be put off by the academic-sounding word: the vibe is low-key and friendly—whilst definitely being thought-provoking. eavesdropping is a venture run by artists for artists, with an ethics of care, and the main objective of the symposium is to foster community and compassionate debate.


symposium /sɪmˈpəʊzɪəm/ n

1. A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

2. A drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet.


Every season Juliet sits down with each of featured artists and chews the fat. The 'eavesdropping conversations' podcast provides a glimpse into each artist's practice ahead of their performance and very often wanders off into unexpected territory... With 21 episodes and counting, this is a fascinating archive of intimate reflections.



We are developing a new strand to our work, providing training and development opportunities for the eavesdropping community. At the close of season three (2021) we offered Unconscious Bias training: two fully subsidised 90-minute workshops aimed at freelance artists and delivered by Tonic Theatre. Uptake was immediate and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. More opportunities are in the pipeline.

eavesdropping will return in Spring 2023, relaunched and reinvigorated!

For future seasons we are shifting permanently to a six-day festival model and will be operating from a new home, but the ethos will remain the same: a celebration of new music and of experimental music-makers, a commitment to fostering community and compassionate debate, and a firm belief that ripples do make waves.



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