the eavesdropping family



Juliet Fraser

Founder & Artistic Director


Linda Jankowska | Producer

Jade Bailey | Podcast Producer

Betty Gunawan | Fundraiser

Nayari Cepeda | Graphic Designer





Jacquelyn Bell

Louise Gray (Marshall)

Fay Jennett | Chair





eavesdropping's activity is supported by a consortium of anonymous patrons. If you'd like to flex your philanthropic muscles, please drop us a line. You need not be a high net-worth individual: ordinary folk can support the performing arts too!

Our mission statement


Founded by soprano Juliet Fraser in 2017, eavesdropping is an artist-run charitable organisation whose tentacular model of activity is motivated by intersectional feminism. eavesdropping is a platform for the sharing of new music and new ways of thinking about music. Excited by experimentalism, we create space for artists and audiences to practise engaged listening and compassionate debate. Our activity includes a festival, a forum, a podcast, and artist development opportunities. Our mission is to build community through an ethics of curiosity and care, in the belief that ripples do make waves. 


Our sustainability policy


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