eavesdropping is a new series and a symposium dedicated to new music, curated by soprano Juliet Fraser, held in the little wooden chapel up in the eaves of Oxford House in Bethnal Green. 

Over the course of four evenings, each a double-bill, eight performers will present their latest works or works-in-progress in an intimate and informal setting. eavesdropping's first season features Séverine Ballon, Mira Benjamin, Alba Cabral, Eleanor Cully, Juliet Fraser, Naala, Heather Roche and Andrea Young.
The season culminates in a weekend-long symposium with special guests
Ryoko Akama, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray and Andrea Young.
3 November 2017
8 December 2017
26 January 2018
16 March 2018
16-18 March 2018


Booking is now open for 3 November. Visit the series page for more information.


We've been given a grant by the Hinrichsen Foundation! Huge thanks for their support.

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