eavesdropping symposium: 17-18 MARCH 2018

symposium /sɪmˈpəʊzɪəm/ n.

1. A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

2. A drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet.


eavesdropping's first season culminates in a weekend-long symposium: featuring special guests Ryoko Akama, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray and Andrea Young, this will be an opportunity for local and visiting artists alike to reflect together on female creativity and the legacy and future of women in new music. The programme includes eight short 'papers' selected from the broad and international response to the Call for Papers run in late 2017, two roundtable debates, one-and-a-half performances, a discussion, multiple Q&As and some excellent nosh. We are delighted to be hosting delegates from Australia, Canada, Ireland and USA: a warm welcome to all the special guests and participants!


SPECIAL GUESTS: Ryoko Akama, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray, Andrea Young
PARTICIPANTS (presenting papers): Jessica Aszodi, Emily Doolittle, Nomi Epstein, Lainie Fefferman, Mary J King, Jo Langton, Miya Masaoka, Freya Johnson Ross & Chrissy Stirling, Kathryn Williams & Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh
ROUNDTABLE GUESTS: Marlo de Lara, Jessica Cottis, Lucy Railton, Caro Barnfield and Cassandra Miller



11-12.30pm: Session 1 

            Nomi Epstein 'Listen and Speak: Bibliography in 2018'

            Kathryn Williams & Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh 'PIXERCISE'

12.40-1.30pm: Roundtable 1 'Giving voice: the power and the pitfalls'

            with Marlo de Lara, Cassandra Miller and Caro Barnfield, moderated by Mira Benjamin

1.30pm: LUNCH
2.30-4pm: Session 2 

            Jo Langton 'A Woman Imprisoned: We need to talk about the Archives'

            Freya Johnson Ross & Chrissy Stirling 'I mean they're not actually caverns: revisiting, reciprocating and repurposing field recordings'

4.10-5.10pm: Louise Gray talk 'The space between us: listening to the unheard'

5.10pm: HIGH TEA

6.30pm: Ryoko Akama a performance examining the relationship between performers and composers, and the translation and form between text and sound, with special guests Jennie Gottschalk and Nomi Epstein


10.30am: COFFEE

10.45-11.25am: discussion 'Creation and Procreation: marrying parenthood and the creative process' led by Emily Doolittle

11.30-1pm: Session 3

            Mary J King 'Listening to Women'

            Lainie Fefferman 'White Fire'

1pm: LUNCH

2-3pm: Jennie Gottschalk talk 'Permission and Opportunity'

3.10-4.40pm: Session 4

            Jessica Aszodi 'Grafter — a practice of collaborative embodiment'

            Miya Masaoka 'The Vagina is the Third Ear'

4.40pm: QUICK TEA

5-5.40pm: Andrea Young presentation 'Wading through Technology, Toward a Non-self-centric Voice'

5.45-6.35pm: Roundtable 2 'Instigating the change'

            with Jessica Cottis, Marlo de Lara and Lucy Railton, moderated by Juliet Fraser

6.40pm: CLOSING CEREMONY (drinks)





The whole weekend takes place in the little wooden chapel up in the eaves of Oxford House in Bethnal Green (see other info).



All are welcome!

Full-price weekend admission: £40 (NB excludes final event in the series on Friday night.

Concession weekend admission (full-time undergraduate students, under 18s, participants): £25.

Ticket price includes access to the full weekend of symposium events and all food and drink listed in the programme of events.

No single-day tickets are available — this is to encourage participation in the whole weekend.




Tickets for the symposium can be reserved by email. For the moment, reservations are limited to a single place. Capacity is limited (to c.45) so advance booking is strongly recommended.



As the Ancients knew, good food and drink is crucial to proceedings. We are taking this element seriously: the fabulous Anna Kenyon will be preparing hearty fare to inspire body and mind. Morning coffee will be provided upon arrival both days, as will a hot vegetarian lunch and afternoon tea.



If you need help with accommodation, please let us know. No promises, but we will do our best to help. (If you live in London and fancy hosting a visitor, do drop us a line!)


Please note: regrettably there is currently no disabled access to the chapel.
And on a less serious note: there will be no lanyards.



  • The main purpose of the eavesdropping symposium is to foster community and fruitful debate.
  • The symposium is open to individuals of all gender identities and gender expressions.
  • The theme is intentionally open-ended and potentially sensitive: the idea is to expose the dominant issues, explore common ground and begin to imagine how we might shape our community for the better. 
  • We are all responsible for creating an atmosphere that is supportive and engaged. All contributions that are offered in the spirit of positive engagement are most welcome. 


The symposium has been generously supported by the Music & Letters Trust. 

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