symposium /sɪmˈpəʊzɪəm/ n.

1. A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

2. A drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet.



The eavesdropping season culminates in a weekend-long symposium, 16-18 March 2018: featuring special guests Ryoko Akama, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray and Andrea Young, this will be an opportunity for local and visiting artists alike to reflect together on female creativity and the legacy and future of women in new music.


This 'Call for Papers' is an invitation to writers, thinkers, researchers, curators, performers and composers of all gender identities and gender expressions to contribute to this conversation. A 'paper' might be a talk, a presentation of another kind, a performance, an installation, or something else entirely: what it should be is no longer than 30 minutes (excluding questions: we'll schedule a ten-minute discussion afterwards) and tech-lite (see GUIDELINES below). Papers might, for example, explore:

  • Community and creativity

  • Gender and diversity in new music

  • Trailblazers fore and aft

  • What makes a meaningful collaboration

  • Embodiment and ownership

  • The art of vulnerability

  • Technology, and how we use it

  • The language of power: how to compose a call-to-arms.



Submissions should be addressed to Juliet Fraser and sent by attachment to info[at]eavesdropping[dot]london. They should be submitted in word/pdf format, not exceeding 2 sides of A4, and detail:

  • applicant's full name

  • applicant's email address

  • title and proposal (300 words max.)

  • tech requirements

  • biography (200 words max.)

  • links to relevant websites (3 max.).

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 6pm, Monday 20 November 2017.


The selection will be made by a small jury of eavesdropping artists and announced on 1 December 2017.

Selected participants will benefit from advance booking at the concession rate (£25).





Oxford House is an old but charming Victorian community centre in Bethnal Green. The chapel is small: it can seat about 45 people. It is fairly resonant so a little volume goes quite a long way. The lighting is gentle, with a very nice, cosy feel but limited options. The windows leak gently during heavy rain, so there may be a few buckets with dampening cloths positioned along the side aisle to catch the raindrops. In short, you should be prepared for a space that is beautiful but is not fancy.


The chapel has but a single power socket!!! Off which an extension cable can support four or five not-too-thirsty devices (e.g. a laptop, small speakers, a mic and an interface). You are advised, therefore, to try and keep tech to a minimum whilst, of course, serving your creative needs.


It is hoped that this symposium will foster community and fruitful debate. All contributions that are offered in the spirit of positive engagement are most welcome.



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