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Juliet Fraser – voice | Séverine Ballon – cello
Mira Benjamin – violin | Alba Cabral – voice & percussion
26 JANUARY 2018
Eleanor Cully – voice & objects | Naala – voice
16 MARCH 2018
Heather Roche – clarinet | Andrea Young – voice & electronics
Over the course of four evenings, each a double-bill, eight performers presented their latest works or works-in-progress in an intimate and informal setting, more an 'open session' than a performance. eavesdropping programming is artist-led: repertoire is announced on the night. Click here to read more about the featured artists.
eavesdropping's first season was generously supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation.
eavesdropping symposium: 17-18 MARCH 2018

symposium /sɪmˈpəʊzɪəm/ n.

1. A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

2. A drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet.


eavesdropping's first season culminated in a weekend-long symposium: featuring special guests Ryoko Akama, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray and Andrea Young, this was an opportunity for local and visiting artists alike to reflect together on female creativity and the legacy and future of women in new music. The programme included eight short 'papers' selected from the broad and international response to the Call for Papers run in late 2017, two roundtable debates, two performances, a discussion, multiple Q&As and some excellent nosh. We wecomed symposiasts from Australia, Canada, Ireland and USA!


SPECIAL GUESTS: Ryoko Akama, Jennie Gottschalk, Louise Gray, Andrea Young
PARTICIPANTS (presenting papers): Jessica Aszodi, Emily Doolittle, Nomi Epstein, Lainie Fefferman, Mary J. King, Jo Langton, Miya Masaoka, Freya Johnson Ross & Chrissy Stirling, Kathryn Williams & Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh
ROUNDTABLE GUESTS: Jessica Cottis, Lucy Railton, Susanna Eastburn and Cassandra Miller




11-12.30pm: Session 1 

            Nomi Epstein 'Transforming the List: Activism through Bibliography'

            Kathryn Williams & Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh 'PIXERCISE'

12.40-1.30pm: Roundtable 1 'Giving voice: the power and the pitfalls'

            with Cassandra Miller and Susanna Eastburn, moderated by Mira Benjamin

1.30pm: LUNCH
2.30-4pm: Session 2 

            Jo Langton 'A Woman Imprisoned: We need to talk about the Archives'

  Freya Johnson Ross & Chrissy Stirling 'I mean they're not actually caverns: revisiting, reciprocating and repurposing field                    recordings'

4.10-5.10pm: Louise Gray talk 'The space between us: listening to the unheard'

5.10pm: HIGH TEA

6.30pm: Ryoko Akama a performance examining the relationship between performers and composers, and the translation and form between text and sound, with Jennie Gottschalk and Nomi Epstein


10.30am: COFFEE

10.45-11.25am: discussion on 'Creation and Procreation: marrying parenthood and the creative process' led by Emily Doolittle

11.30-1pm: Session 3

            Mary J. King 'Listening to Women'

            Lainie Fefferman 'White Fire'

1pm: LUNCH

2-3pm: Jennie Gottschalk talk 'Permission and Opportunity'

3.10-4.40pm: Session 4

            Jessica Aszodi '(im)personal material: a case study in collaborative embodiment'

            Miya Masaoka 'The Vagina is the Third Ear'

4.40pm: QUICK TEA

5-5.40pm: Andrea Young presentation 'Toward a Less Self-Centred Voice'

5.45-6.35pm: Roundtable 2 'Instigating the change'

            with Jessica Cottis, Andrea Young  and Lucy Railton, moderated by Juliet Fraser


symposium programme of events
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